Award Winning Design Projects by Unthank Design Group

Several of our clients’ projects have been recognized for design excellence.

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it consts just as much to build it wrong as to build it right


Dental Office Design

As a planning, architecture, and interior design firm, Unthank Design Group serves as your
best advocate throughout the design and construction of your project. We will develop a
space-efficient office appropriate for your practice, which projects the image you desire.
Our experience indicates that our fee will be more than offset by what you will save in eliminating significant change orders, by not constructing wasted space, and by verifying
that you receive competitive pricing for your project.

Our goal for your office is to allow you to finish each day with more money in your pocket,
less stress in your life, and for you and your staff to look forward to returning to the office
the next morning. We would be honored to be of assistance in the development of your new office, remodeling or interior design makeover!


Our comprehensive services package for Planning, Interior Architecture and Interior
Design most often ranges from $19,800 to $29,800. We regularly hear from successful
practices around the country that Unthank Design Group's involvement with their
projects saved far more than their investment in our services!

Michael Unthank DDS NCARB

Michael Unthank DDS NCARB
Registered Professional Architect
Member of the American Dental Association
Member of the Academy of General Dentistry
Member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants


Dr. Steve Baldwin & Dr. Kyle Benton visited the Frozen Prairie to discuss the planning and interior design for their new six chair general dental building to be constructed in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. We toured offices in the morning and the afternoon was devoted to selecting their interior finish materials with Nikki Skomal, our Director of Interior Design.

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