Cabinetry Design Solutions and Products

Cabinetry is consistently one of the areas of greatest potential cost savings in your office construction or renovation project.  It must be designed to work with and complement your processes, and be crafted to withstand the daily use, rigors, and required disinfecting of the dental office environment, yet it need not fall into the category of dental equipment.  Regardless of what you may hear from those selling dental cabinetry, your custom-built cabinetry expense will be treated exactly the same in the eyes of the IRS.

Unthank Design Group has been designing custom-built cabinetry exclusively for the dental professions, and saving clients significant sums of money (often tens of thousands of dollars) for decades. Now, in association with The Store Kraft Manufacturing Company, we are pleased to make our cabinetry solutions available for your use. Contact us today to discuss your needs, or to request more information on the time-tested cabinet options offered.

"It costs more to build it wrong than to build it right"