Programming Services from Unthank Design Group


With Unthank Design Group, the first step in planning your office is to develop your personal Design Program. This is the process, through which, you will determine "how you intend to practice" - not necessarily how you have practiced in the past.

Our Design Program document is used as a checklist of all that you wish to include in your office regarding your business practices, procedures, equipment needs, and staff functions.

With you, Dr. Unthank will conduct an in-depth review of the information provided in your written Design Program response, as well as the specifics pertaining to the site or space you are considering, or (in the case of remodeling projects) your current space. The appropriateness of the proposed site/space can then be determined, as can the optimal facility size for your practice. At this stage budget is addressed, with a discussion of cost planning, based on your Design Program.

At the time you enter into an agreement for our services, you and any members of your immediate family and staff are invited to be our guests for any presentation of the Designing Solutions Seminar. This allows your team to better share your vision of how you intend to practice, and how that will translate into the design of your new office. We present our seminar at the American Dental Association Headquarters in Chicago and other selected locations regularly throughout the year.

"It costs more to build it wrong than to build it right"