Sterilization area cabinetry

Like treatment room cabinetry, pre-fabricated sterilization centers can be enormously (and unnecessarily) expensive. All central sterilization processes (from contaminated break-down to organized, sterile pre-set concepts) can be accommodated at a fraction of the cost of units purchased as “dental equipment.”

Over decades, Unthank Design Group has developed cabinetry components which reflect how the sterilization workspace is actually used, from the “dirty” (contaminated) portion to the “clean” (sterile) section. From contaminated waste collection to the placement of the recessed ultrasonic, from storage for cassette wrapping paper to designing for a “StatIM,” we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you establish optimal instrument flow and working environment within your sterilization space. All this, while presenting a professional, attractive appearance, at a fraction of the “equipment” cost!

"It costs more to build it wrong than to build it right"