Dental Office Design by Unthank Design Group


Dr. Gary Klein, Harrisburg, PA
"Our office is doing great! You guys are the best (as I tell everyone!)"

Dr. Doug Williams, Bemidji, MN
"We have been in our new dental office for a little over four years. I cannot imagine trying to accomplish the dentistry that we are doing today without this facility. I am amazed at how well the systems function and how flexible the design is for incorporation of new technologies. Your design team created a color scheme that puts patients at ease, is timeless, and allows us to vary the "flavor" of the office by the season. The newness has not worn off!"

Anonymous (due to family involvement)
"Dr Unthank's expertise will literally save you time, money and heartache. We attended Mike's seminar then made the mistake of hiring the architect in our family with no experience in dental office design. Not only did we spend considerably more on design, but the stress and hours lost correcting mistakes were immeasurable. Dr. Unthank's attention to detail and years of experience as a dentist and architect would have saved us over one hundred thousand dollars in equipment and interior design alone. Without question, we chose Mike to design the second phase of our office. He is an amazing talent and a tremendous resource!"

Drs. Fraser & John Sherrard, Quispamsis, New Brunswick Canada
"We did not have one "extra" in construction due to your prints!"

Dr. Cary Austin, Hendersonville, TN
"Our staff loves the flow of the office, the fact there is a place for everything, and our treatment areas are so efficient. It especially works well for our Cerec practice, as we planned our lab to have areas for staining & glazing. I highly recommend Unthank Design for your dental office planning. We built our office with no change orders, which I found remarkable!"

Dr. C. Roger Macias, Jr., San Antonio, Texas
"Our office is so beautiful! It is the talk of the dental community and it was all built without any change orders…and not only that, our revenues increased over 20% the first year! I am so proud of our office and I owe it all to Michael Unthank and all of his amazing team! Life is good!"

Dr. Guy Levy, Newport News, Virginia
"Any time we can refer someone it is an honor to do so. You have a fantastic team and you help people truly realize their dreams!"

Mary Govoni CDA RDH MBA, Owner Clinical Dynamics
"Guy (Dr. Levy) said today that the best advice that I gave him was to refer him to you. Thanks for taking such good care of him!"

Dr. Dennis Fahey, Kenosha, Wisconsin
"First, let me say that everyday of my career I enjoy the decisions made on my behalf in this office; it's just beautiful and we get complements continuously - you guys are the best!"

Drs. Terry & Jonathan Owen, Chadron, NE

"If I haven't told you, WE LOVE OUR OFFICE!!! And so do all of our patients. We're being featured in next week's newspaper. You guys were the best money we spent on this project!"

Dr. Melissa Sveen & Jay Sveen CRNA, Lincoln, NE
"We have both commented many times how fortunate we are to have used your knowledge and expertise on this project. Because of the great work on the front end of the project there were no surprises or cost overruns on the backside. This does not happen often and it shows what good planning will do!"

Dr. Duane Delaune, Metairie, Louisiana
"We have been in our new office for 18 months now and I couldn't be happier with it. I recently went on vacation and actually had a hard time leaving it for a week! I love the ergonomic design and the efficient use of space. We are constantly receiving compliments from our patients; they especially like the colors...thanks Geri! You and your staff were extremely patient and helpful with me throughout the design and construction phases of my office. I just want you all to know how much I truly value the professional service and attention to detail I received from Unthank Design Group!"

Dr. James E. Turley, Billings, Montana
"It has been a long time since we have been in contact. Our office has been functioning absolutely great! Thank you for your design and management of the project and for everything that you did to make our wonderful office happen!"

Dr. Michael Lim, Chico, CA
"Your plans have been outstanding and have made the process for us and our contractors an enjoyable one!"

Dr. Roger D. Coutant, Torrington, CT
"I thought of you again today as we approach twenty years in our dental office building. It was (and still is) a masterful job, and we still receive compliments on the layout and efficiency. I thought you would like to know that we continue to sing your praises, and although we thanked you at the time, we want to say thank you again - twenty years worth of thanks!"

Dr. Peter Hazim, Allen, Texas

"I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you did on the design and execution of my office. The final product was much more than expected. My staff and I look forward to working in our new space everyday. And my patients can’t say enough about how beautiful the interior is. Thank you all for your hard work…it truly paid off!"

Dr. Rick Stephey, Bloomington, Illinois
"I knew I made the right decision several years ago going with Unthank. Thanks again!"

Dr. Vincent D. DiMento, Syracuse, NY
"By hiring Unthank Design Group I saved a minimum of 65% in costs and 100% of my time looking at choices, setup, and equipment. Dr. Unthank is very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable of what works best for the dentist. I completely trusted his advice in lay-out, cabinetry and equipment. My office is great for my patients, my staff, and myself!

The most positive aspect of working with Dr. Unthank was when we visited him in Lincoln, Nebraska. Everyone was so welcoming and immediately made us feel comfortable. We visited many offices that his firm designed and could see the quality, comfort, and easy flow of each.

Unthank Design Group is perfect! Everything about Dr. Unthank and his business is absolutely outstanding. We are so fortunate that we were able to have this opportunity to work with him. I have an office built for today and the future. Going to work is a joy and patient feedback assures me that I made the right decision! My practice is a dream come true because of Dr. Unthank!"

"It costs more to build it wrong than to build it right"