Wish Your Architect Was Also A Dentist?

Unthank Design Group is owned and operated by a dentist who is also an architect. We have more years of experience, more awards, and more insight than any other firm; and we are here to meet your needs.

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The first step in planning is to develop a personal Design Program. This is the process of developing how you want to practice in your new office.

Site Planning

Site Planning

For new buildings, the we define the ideal site and building footprint sizes. This is a conceptual site layout that provides a foundational basis for the full site plan. 


Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Our planning aims to efficiently use square footage, create unimpeded flow for patients and staff, and incorporate building codes and equipment.



Our drawings include the layout, ceiling, lighting, power/data, cabinetry, elevations, details, schedules, specs, and notes necessary to accurately price and construct your office.

Interior Design

Interior Design

The interior design process for your office includes the selection of colors, finishes, decorative lighting, fabrics, furnishings, art, and accessories that match your taste.

Construction Admin

Construction Admin

We support you throughout the design, documentation, contractor selection, bidding and construction phases, and as you occupy your new office.

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I love my offices. One of my best investments was using you all!
Dr. Andre Bruni Louisiana
Dr. Andre Bruni
We absolutely love the new office and so does everyone who comes in.
Dr. Emily Dornblazer North Carolina
Dr. Emily Dornblazer
Our office is doing great! You guys are the best (as I tell everyone!)
Dr. Gary Klein Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Dr. Gary Klein
First, let me say that everyday of my career I enjoy the decisions made on my behalf in this office; it’s just beautiful and we get complements continuously – you guys are the best!
Dr. Dennis Fahey Kenosha, Wisconsin
Dr. Dennis Fahey
Your plans have been outstanding and have made the process for us and our contractors an enjoyable one!
Dr. Michael Lim Chico, California
Dr. Michael Lim
Our office has been functioning absolutely great! Thank you for your design and management of the project and for everything that you did to make our wonderful office happen!
Dr. James E. Turley Billings, Montana
Dr. James E. Turley
If I haven’t told you, WE LOVE OUR OFFICE!!! And so do all of our patients. We’re being featured in next week’s newspaper. You guys were the best money we spent on this project!
Dr. Jonathan Owen Chadron, Nebraska
Dr. Jonathan Owen
We have been in our new office for 18 months now and I couldn’t be happier with it. I recently went on vacation and actually had a hard time leaving it for a week! I love the ergonomic design and the efficient use of space. We are constantly receiving compliments from our patients.
Dr. Duane Delaune Metairie, Louisiana
Dr. Duane Delaune
I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you did on the design and execution of my office. The final product was much more than expected. My staff and I look forward to working in our new space every day.
Dr. Peter Hazim Allen, Texas
Dr. Peter Hazim
Thought of you again today as we approach twenty years in our dental office building.  It was (and still is) a masterful job, and we still receive compliments on the layout and efficiency.  I thought you would like to know that we continue to sing your praises, and although we thanked you at the time, we want to say thank you again – twenty years-worth of thanks!
Dr. Roger Couant Torrington, Connecticut
Dr. Roger Couant
Everything looks great– layout, design, fixtures etc. The workflow is exceptional. We have both commented many times how fortunate we are to have used your knowledge and expertise on this project!  Because of the great work on the front end of the project there were no surprises or cost overruns on the backside.  This does not happen often and it shows what good planning will do.
Dr. Melissa Sveen Lincoln, Nebraska
Dr. Melissa Sveen
I just LOVE my office! Thank you all for the great design, beautiful colors, terrific atmosphere. We are able to take EXCELLENT care of the kiddos here (and are getting SO MANY positive comments from parents about the office). I must admit, in my eyes UDG can do no wrong. 😉 You all are THE BEST! You’ve worked hard to become so, this I know.
Dr. Laura Aeschlimann Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Dr. Laura Aeschlimann
We love our new office and continue to receive compliments from patients even to this day.  Thank You again for all of your help, your referrals and the wonderful work you did on the project. Should you want to refer another colleague to me for advice on their project, please don’t hesitate to do so.
Dr. Kurt Gossweiler Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. Kurt Gossweiler
All these yrs. later we still think of our experience dealing with your company as a wonderful experience and continue to be an amazing company to deal with.  Wishing you continued success.
Dr. Scott Schwartz Fort Myers, Florida
Dr. Scott Schwartz

Here is a quick email from a very happy prior client. I’ve been in my office now for almost two years and I continue to enjoy the best “business decision” I have ever made. Building a dental office was a major undertaking – I had no idea. However, I can honestly say of the thousands of choices I made during that process, selecting Unthank Design Group as my architect and interior designer was the best decision I made in that process. The interior design continues to re...

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Dr. David Larsen Grand Junction, Colorado
Dr. David Larsen
Thanks again!! And BTW, I LOVE my new office. Everything is flowing beautifully!!
Dr. Holly Ellis St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Holly Ellis
Still love the new office you designed.  Moved in April 2005.  Still looks awesome and brand new.  Love it!
Dr. Allan Hablutzel Bremerton, Washington
Dr. Allan Hablutzel
Wanted to drop a quick note to say I’m loving working in my new space!
Dr. Peter Mathison West Fargo, North Dakota
Dr. Peter Mathison
It is a great space and I tell everyone who asks how happy I am not only with the end result but with the process that I choose!
Dr. Ben Spiger Helena, Montana
Dr. Ben Spiger

I have the nicest office in Southern Utah thanks to you!
A day never goes by without someone saying “Is this office new”? “I love your office!”, “Your bathroom is beautiful!”, or, “Did you decorate your office?” (pretty funny as I struggle to pick matching scrubs most days). Had a guy ask yesterday if the local anesthetic had something in it to sedate him. When I told him no he said “I guess it’s just the relaxing ambiance of your office”. Not the first time I’ve heard th... Read More

Dr. Steve Starr St. George, Utah
Dr. Steve Starr

I don’t know how many testimonials you get after 16 years, but I’d like to pass on to  folks how well our office has functioned.  Planning for future needs is one area in which Unthank designs excel.  We still have extra storage space and conduits designed for future technology changes.  The flow of the office is excellent and the attention to detail is incredible.   The place still looks up to date and gets compliments from visitors.  It has proven to be a real value. I tell my patien...

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Dr. Skip Binch Champaign, Illinois
Dr. Skip Binch
The place turned out awesome and everyone is beyond impressed with it.  I love the design/flow and patients love the feel and atmosphere!  Hiring you was the best decision I made on this project!
Dr. Matt Slivka Tucson, Arizona
Dr. Matt Slivka
We are excited to be working with you again on the design “refresh” of our beautiful building. We are so glad we chose you to design our office. New patients still come in thinking the office is brand new! So, although it has definitely served us well the past 14 years, it will be nice for us and our existing long-term patients to see the exciting updates coming our way.
Dr. Elena Puig Orlando, Florida
Dr. Elena Puig
You did our office design, which we opened in July, 2006.  It still feels like coming to a new office every day!
Dr. Brent Ludens Waterloo, Iowa
Dr. Brent Ludens
Thank you for giving me not one, but two great offices!
Dr. Chuck Scanlon Rapid City, South Dakota
Dr. Chuck Scanlon

We are 2 weeks away from the one year anniversary of our move to the new office.   To say we love it would be an understatement.  Building this office has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my practice and for my family.  Patients love it, staff loves it, and we love it.  In my 13 years of practice my office collections in the first 12 months in the new office will be 45% above the previous 12 months, and our new patient numbers are astonishing (we’ve had months with over 120 and th...

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Dr. James McCreary Pensacola, Florida
Dr. James McCreary
I still talk about you and your work in the presentations I am doing for new dentists. The 28K I spent for your services back in 2003 is still to this day, the BEST investment I have ever made.
Dr. Bill Simon  Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Bill Simon

Meet the Team

Michael Unthank, NCARB, DDS

Owner, Architect, Dentist

Michael Unthank, NCARB, DDS is a dentist, a registered professional architect, and a member of the ADA, AGD, AIA & NCARB. As a registered professional architect and dentist, Dr. Michael Unthank speaks both languages fluently. His experience and in-depth knowledge of these disciplines  … read more

Geri True, ASID

Director of Interior Design

Geri True, ASID has been a professional interior designer for over 35 years, with experience across a broad range of project types, sizes, and budgets. She has completed more than 600 dental office interiors to date, and has won  … read more 

Kris Roberts

Architectural CAD Draftsman 

Kris Roberts joined us at Unthank Design Group in March 2014. He received his Bachelors degree of Interior Architecture from Kansas State University in 2008. He produces all of our construction documents, and … read more

Our Awards

Dental Economics Magazine | American Dental Association 

Wells Fargo Annual Office Design Awards | ASID Project Awards

2018 | Outstanding New Dentist Office Design of the Year | Dr. Sarah Brent

2017 | Outstanding Large Office Design of the Year | Dr. Richard Staller

2016 | Outstanding New Dentist Office Design of the Year | Dr. Holly Ellis

2015 | Specialty Office Design of the Year Orthodontic | Dr. Robert Glenn and Dr. Lizel Katzberg

2012 | Dental Office Design of the Year  Small Practice | Dr. Todd Hohlen

2012 | Outstanding Design Efficiency | Dr. Todd Hohlen

2011 | Dental Office Design of the Year – Small Practice | Dr. Amber Allen

2011 | Outstanding New Dentist Practice | Dr. Amber Allen

2011 | Outstanding Design Efficiency | Dr. David M. Caron

2010 | Dental Office Design of the Year – Small Practice | Dr. Andrew Gibson and Dr. Tamara Caouette

2010 | New Dentist Office Design of the Year | Dr. Vincent Rothe and Dr. Laura Rothe

2010 | Outstanding Design Efficiency | Dr. Brian Holmes

2009 | Dental Office Design of the Year – Small Practice | Dr. Andrew Glenn

2009 | Specialty Office Design of the Year | Dr. Marty Killeen

2009 | New Dentist Office Design of the Year | Dr. Marty Killeen

2008 | Second Place Contract – Singular Space | Dr. Marty Killeen

2008 | Second Place Contract – Healthcare Design | Dr. Marty Killeen

2008 | First Place Contract – Healthcare Design | Dr. Paula Harre

2007 | Specialty Office Design of the Year | Dr. Paula Harre

2007 | Outstanding Design Efficiency | Dr. Paula Harre

2007 | First Place Contract – Healthcare Design OMS | Dr. Andrew Glenn

2007 | First Place Contract – Healthcare Design | Dr. Rebecca Hohl

2007 | Specialty Office Design of the Year | Dr. Paula Harre

2005 | Dental Office Design of the Year | Dr. Sam Sadati

2004 | Honorable Mention Contract – Healthcare  | Dr. Robert Schoettger & Dr. Jared Schoettger

2003 | Dental Office Design of the Year | Dr. James Brennan

2002 | Second Place Contract – Healthcare Design | Dr. Jeri Rush

2002 | Honorable Mention Contract – Corporate | Dr. Michael Unthank

2001 | Second Place Contract – Healthcare / Dental | Dr. Jim Jelinek and Dr. Susan Yung

2000 | Dental Practice of the Year | Dr. Bill Flora

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