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With Unthank Design Group, the first step in planning your office is to develop your personal Design Program. This is the process, through which, you will determine "how you intend to practice" - not necessarily how you have practiced in the past. 

Our Design Program document is used as a checklist of all that you wish to include in your office regarding your business practices, procedures, equipment needs, and staff functions. 

With you, Dr. Unthank will conduct an in-depth review of the information provided in your written Design Program response, as well as the specifics pertaining to the site or space you are considering, or (in the case of remodeling projects) your current space. The appropriateness of the proposed site/space can then be determined, as can the optimal facility size for your practice. At this stage budget is addressed, with a discussion of cost planning, based on your Design Program.


Unthank Design Group includes schematic site planning as a part of our services for new buildings. Based on your Design Program (see Programming) the ideal site and building footprint sizes are determined. The schematic site plan is a conceptual site layout that provides a basis for the full site plan development (typically completed by a civil engineer). The “building footprint”, drives, parking, sidewalks, landscape, signage & other features are all placed on the site with consideration given to the topography, access, circulation, solar orientation, desirable views & the visibility of your new office.


Unthank Design Group includes schematic floor planning as a part of our full services and, if desired, as an independent service. A custom floor plan is developed with consideration given to maximizing the efficiency of square footage, utilizing appropriate zoning of public to private functions, and creating unimpeded flow for patients and staff. The schematic floor plan incorporates building code requirements, dental equipment supplier parameters and allots the appropriate space for each function. Floor planning at the schematic design phase is the process of assuring “the walls are in the right places” and that all functions will be of the appropriate size and in the correct relationships through the office given your specific Design Program requirements and the parameters of your location. This plan serves as the basis for all other project documentation and construction drawings developed during the architecture and interior design phases.


Architectural drawings communicate all of your desires to your builder.  Unthank Design Group is an architectural and interior design firm, and therefore we custom design each and every practice based on very thorough development of your Design Program. It is essential that we are able to develop with you an understanding of all aspects of exactly how you intend to practice. Our work process integrates architecture and interior design simultaneously, incorporating the function and aesthetic style throughout the design. The first drawing developed is your schematic plan. This floor plan, based on your Design Program, maximizes the efficiency of square footage, utilizes appropriate zoning of public to private functions, and creates unimpeded flow for patients and staff.  

Beyond the schematic floor plan, comprehensive construction documents incorporate all desired design aspects needed to competitively price and successfully build your project.  Unthank Design Group provides a detailed architectural floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, lighting plan, power/data plan, cabinetry elevations and sections, plumbing fixture selections, door and hardware schedules and the additional details, schedules, specifications, and notes needed to complete your project and fulfill your expectations with the goal of preventing change orders. This architectural design process of identifying everything the contractor is to provide within the new office is the only way to be certain your office is appropriate to your purposes, the only way to allow apples-to-apples pricing from qualified contractors and the only way to know what is constructed is exactly what was drawn and specified.  We believe in exhaustively building your office on paper first!

Larger new building projects may require the services of a local architectural professional. Unthank Design Group will partner with a local architect, and prior to entering into their agreement, define the scope of services for each entity to eliminate any redundancy.


The interior design services provided by Unthank Design Group blend your aesthetic vision with the functional demands of the office environment.  Interior design considerations in the development of your new office include the selection of colors, finishes, decorative lighting, fabrics, furnishings, art, and accessories.  All of these elements are selected to project your personality and the image you desire for your practice as well as meet commercial building code requirements.  Following an in-depth interview to determine your needs and preferences, you are invited to visit our design facility and tour several offices for hands-on inspiration. You are then guided in a collaborative selection process, which results in a completely customized scheme, unique to your practice. A "color board" is developed to allow you to preview the set of selections for your new office. Unthank Design Group provides detailed documentation for the interior finishes in the construction drawings and the room finish schedule. Additionally, specifications for office furnishings and artwork allow you to obtain competitive pricing and optimum value for these finishing touches.


Unthank Design Group provides a continuity of support throughout the design, documentation, bidding and construction phases, and as you occupy your new office.  We recommend a competitive bid process, obtaining bids from a group of pre-selected contractors competing for your construction project. Two to three weeks will be required by the general contractors for bidding your project. The contractor you select, following final contract negotiations, will then submit your drawings for a Building Permit. Once a Building Permit is issued, actual construction can begin. During the construction phase, Unthank Design Group reviews submittals and responds to RFIs (request for information) in a timely manner. Our goal is to answer 100% of possible questions in our drawings, specifications and finish schedule. This allows the construction phase to flow smoothly, avoiding delays and Change Orders.

Larger new building projects may require the services of a local professional available for periodic site visits. Your local architectural or construction management professional will serve as your eyes on the project, represent your interests and ensure that what is provided by your contractor matches what is on your drawings. Rest assured, we remain focused on optimal design and communication throughout the design and construction phases of your project and as you move in.

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